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Why Munadi

welcome to Munadi Communication is “world’s first self managed digital PR gateway” it is a relationship that fosters relations. Munadi is a bridge between raw news material (Press release) and journalist. Munadi is a bridge between PRO, media managers, brand managers, and media. Munadi is a bridge between corporate, government offices, social workers, politicians, advertisers, advertising agencies and media. Munadi helps in media buying and decision making. If u have a profile on Munadi than u no need to collect and update mobile number and email id of your contacts. Munadi will provide you a best PR network. So Do Munadi from today.

Read the problem and their solutions


  • It is hard to collect and update media contacts from all over India.
  • It is hard to send PR to media of each and every city.
  • It is hard to find authentic data.
  • It is hard to make media buying decision quickly.
  • There is not any particular source to get media related news.
  • It is hard to send report fast just before events.
  • It is hard to send Press invitation to each and every media.
  • It is hard to change Beat of journalist.
  • It is hard to maintain connectivity always because of low stability of media workers.


  • Now no need to collect/update Email ID and mobile no. of journalist and PRO.
  • No need to send Press release at none updated Email ID.
  • No need to update contact list of journalist and PRO.
  • No need to worry about bounce mail, stuck email and spam email.
  • No need to search media house contact detail for advertisement.
  • Send press release direct to relevant reporter/editor.
  • Receive press release direct of relevant beat and interest.
  • Area change, company change, Beat change is not an issue now.

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